DW-121127 DHW6561Arethusa's old cap rails were high maintenance. They were fastened with galv bolts which meant rust, bubbling paint and rot - so thankfully they're now a couple of wheelbarrows of salt laden firewood. No more painting and rust killing, amen to that.

We replaced the stringer and cap with Purple Heart, all copper fastened and sealed the top of the ply bulwarks with glass. The Purple Heart will weather off to a nice light grey over time. She also got a bit of a transom make over. The bulwarks at the stern had previously been cut straight across, which never looked right. She's now got a gracefully curved bum, shapely knees and a wider cap for sitting on - magic.

She comes out at Ashby's in a week or two and countless seasons of bulwark paint gets burnt off. The outside face gets faired where someone had been sanding with an angle grinder and then a repaint, so she'll be looking pretty smart come Christmas.

Thanks John for the countless hours of incredibly skilled work and Bev for feeding us to within an inch of our lives. Finest cap rails in the Southern Hemisphere I reckon.

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