DW-130125IMG 0152Arethusa had developed some good leaks, we had over 200 litres a day coming in. So off to Ashby's to pull all the old fastenings out of the garboard and refasten. Graeme, Mike, Paul and Michael did a great job, we're now down to 15 litres a day.

The bronze screws that came out were a shadow of their former selves - check the photos. Goodwill holding the garboard on. No idea how long they had been in there - has the garboard ever been refastened before? The seams were scraped, dried and painted with red lead. The existing screws were replaced with larger ones and extra fastenings added. Recaulked with oakum and then sealed with a mix of antifoul and cement and new copper tingles fitted.  While they were at it all  below waterline planks got refastened at the aft end.  We always had a large seam right across the transom that caused leaks. The planks were cut back an inch, refastened and a solid piece glued up into the cavity and a plywood cover board added. Good repair.

 Here's the photos: