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  • Days at Sea I

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 A2 - 594mm x 420mm - $395.00 - Edition Size 30



This image was taken half an hour before sunset on the shortest day 2014, enroute to an overnight anchorage in the lee of Moturua Island. The breeze had dropped out creating an oily calm. I’m using a 10 stop neutral density filter; it blocks the light by a factor of 10 turning a 1/30th exposure into 30 seconds. In that time I’ve got the camera on a tripod and Deb’s got Arethusa going through a tight 360º turn. The lightwave is the sun’s passage low in the sky through the frame mirroring the slight lift coming in from the north.

We took 30 images right through twilight; clear blue sky, oily water.

ISO125 / f16 / 30 seconds

Days at Sea I

  • Image Ref: DWP-Days-At-Sea
  • $395.00